Choir of Christ Church Arcadia

The Anglican parish of Christ Church, Arcadia, dates from the early years of the twentieth century. Built to a design by Sir Herbert Baker, the original church building was ready for use in 1907 and expanded in the early 1960s. There are records of a parish choir since at least the second decade of the century. Today the choir comprises mixed women’s and men’s voices, and provides service music (a mass setting and two motets) at the weekly Choral Eucharist, with a full Choral Evensong once a month. The past 25 years or so have seen annual performances of orchestral masses by Haydn, Mozart, and Schubert at Choral Eucharist on Easter Day, as well as the Requiems of Victoria, Fauré, Howells and Morales on All Souls’ Day. Since its inception in December 1981 the Christmas Eve carol service has established itself as a popular fixture in the city, drawing a congregation from around Gauteng. Apart from regularly performing liturgical music drawn from the past 900 years, the choir has commissioned or premiered liturgical works from composers such as Michael Blake, Clare Loveday, Lance Philip, Pascal Martiné and George King. 
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