ISCM World Music Days

Call for scores for Slovenia, 2015

Closing date: 17:00, Tuesday 15 September 2014

As the South African Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, NewMusicSA is required to submit six works to the ISCM to be considered by them for inclusion in the programme of the World Music Days 2015 in Slovenia, and hereby invites members to submit works for this purpose. At least one of the South African submissions is guaranteed to be performed at this festival, which will take place from 26 September to 1 October 2015.

Please see full details in the ISCM World Music Days 2015 PDF.

Call for scores for Croatia, 2011

The next World New Music Days festival takes place in Zagreb, Croatia from 7-17 April, 2011 and the theme of the festival will be Mirabilia Memorabilia. We are looking for works by South African composers to represent South Africa at the festival. The South African jury will select up to three pieces that will be sent to the International jury of the ISCM for consideration. The jury will be chaired this year by Peter Klatzow. In addition to your score, we recommend the inclusion of recordings and programme notes with your application. This call is open to all composers of South African nationality and there is no charge for submission of applications.

Call for scores for Australia, 2010

The 2010 World Music Days will be held in Sydney, Australia. Scores by South African composers can be submitted through ISCM's South African branch, NewMusicSA, who will select three scores for submission to the ISCM jury.

The list of available categories is as follows:

  1. Large chamber ensemble: 2 Perc Pno Hp, woodwind with standard doublings, saxophone available.
  2. Ensemble Offspring lineup: flute, 2 clarinets (both double bass clarinet), piano, 2 perc, 2 violins, cello, optional didjeridu (n.b. the didjeridu is an improvising tradition)

Submissions for Lithuania, 2008

The following five works were chosen for submission to the ISCM:

  • Jürgen Bräuninger
    DDD, for prepared violin and digital media.
  • Andrew Cruickshank
    Kwela of Rhythm, for solo piano.
  • Paul Hanmer
    Quintet for Wind.
  • Clare Loveday
    Collision Project for performers and car wreck.
  • Surendran Reddy
    Flore, for solo piano.

Call for compositions for Lithuania, 2008

The theme aims to reflect the multitude of positions any form of contemporary music can take today in the wider cultural landscape, and the various ways through which the music of today reaches an audience. Throughout the last decades it has become clear that our contemporary music experiences are no longer to be confined to the concert hall alone, and that this music can share its audience with other artistic output. Moreover, though in these days of I-pods and internet radio, classical or contemporary music audiences may not have become bigger, they certainly come from a much wider base.

Stefans Grové's Glimpses to be Performed at Hong Kong, 2007

Last year, the local jury of NewMusicSA submitted scores by three South African composers to the International Jury for the ISCM World Music Days 2007. I am pleased to announce that the International Jury has now has chosen ‘Five Glimpses’ for Piano by Stefans Grové to be performed at this year’s festival in Hong Kong in November. They will be played by the Polish pianist Zygmunt Krauze. Stefans Grové celebrates his 85th birthday on 23 July this year; and it is also 55 years since he had a work performed at the World Music Days. I am sure that you will all join us in congratulating him.

Report on Zagreb, 2005

My interest in this event lay less with the annual ISCM festival, which more or less represented the entire ISCM membership though still plagued by a lot of second-rate music, but more with the Zagreb Biennale, one of the great contemporary music festivals of the post-war era, which started in the then Yugoslavia during the communist years and continued unabated through all the unrest and wars of the 1990s. And is now, as a distinguished British music critic commented, “run by the men in suits”. Not necessarily a good omen for the more interesting paths of new music, but there were enough such paths to attract an enthusiastic audience and to add lustre to the parallel ISCM programme. And the festival went off very smoothly.

Report on Switzerland, 2004

For the fifth time since joining the ISCM in 1999, South Africa was represented at the ISCM World Music Days which took place in 2004 in Switzerland, not in one but in many cities, with the delegates travelling around the country using the excellent Swiss railways. We travelled in a specially fitted out train (the Swiss President’s train apparently) with a carriage devoted to an exhibition by the Basel-based Paul Sacher Foundation and another to discussion forums.

Submissions for Switzerland, 2004

The following works were chosen by NewMusicSA to represent South Africa at 2004 World New Music Days in Switzerland. The jury consisted of:

  • Michael Blake (composer) - chair of jury
  • Mokale Koapeng (composer and conductor)
  • Jill Richards (pianist)
  • Kevin Volans (composer)
  • Chris Walton (musicologist; head of music: University of Pretoria)

However the final decision will be made by the ISCM Swiss Section.

Report on Hong Kong, 2002

Our organisation’s annual peripatetic festival reached a gloriously warm Hong Kong last year and everything was first class — the music, the company, the networking, the food and the shopping. The politics were interesting too: although Hong Kong has been an ISCM member for many years, this festival was very clearly a ‘postcolonial’ Hong Kong promotion, with many mainland Chinese composers included in the concert programming. But just as with the previous festival’s Japanese indulgence, this had the positive advantage of opening many visiting ears to the aesthetics of new Chinese music.

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