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NB You can download an application form for the Unyazi 2012 Growing Composers workshops at:

The deadline for submission is 24th August 2012, please send to:

Fiona Tozer, PO Box 1154, Linkhills 3652

Email: fionatozer [at] newmusicsa [dot] org [dot] za

Fax: 031 776 3251

Letter from the Chair

Dear NMSA Members,

I hope the first half of 2012 has treated you well!

The new NMSA website is taking shape and promises to be a valuable resource to new music composers, performers and enthusiasts. New features include dynamic festival and news pages, exclusive members’ areas, personalized member pages – on which members can place their biographies and audio samples, access to all NMSA bulletins and discussion forums. A new, easy-to-use template is being designed and we eagerly await the completion of this exciting project that will open up several new channels of communication and interaction for South African composers.

Preparation for Unyazi 3 is well under way. The festival, which is curated by Jürgen Bräuninger, will feature international artists Hans Tammen, Die Schrauber, Lukas Ligeti, Hadron Ensemble and Darragh Morgan; as well as local artists Dimitri Voudouris, Warrick Sony, Hannes Taljaard, Cameron Harris, Jill Richards, Aragorn, and João Orecchia.

This festival promises to be a highlight on the 2012 new music calendar and we hope to see many members there! Please visit http://www.newmusicsa.org.za/unyazi-2012 for more information on the festival.

All the best

Angie Mullins

2012 Membership Renewals

Now is a good time for you (those who as yet haven’t) to renew your NMSA membership.

Three good reasons to do so now:

  1. Unyazi is fast approaching, and members will get discounts for the concerts.
  2. The new website is under construction and taking shape nicely. On the new site, the listings and links for composers and performers will be restricted to current members. When you renew your membership, send us your name and website link if you wish to be listed.
  3. The next issue of the Bulletin will be coming out this year - make sure your membership is up to date so you receive your copy.

If in doubt about your membership status, contact members [at] newmusicsa [dot] org [dot] za. New members are very welcome — we will email you an application form on request.

Unyazi 2012

NewMusicSA, the South African Section of the International Society for Contemporary Music, will present the latest edition of the international Unyazi Electronic Music Festival between 12 – 15th September 2012. Meaning ‘Lightning’ in the Zulu language, the previous Unyazi festivals were extremely successful events involving participation by some of the most highly regarded international artists currently working in the field and also providing a platform for South Africa’s flourishing community of electronic composers.

NewMusicSA also presents regular New Music Indaba festivals, these festivals complement the Unyazi series of festivals and have more of an acoustic focus. In 2010 NewMusicSA presented a smaller electronic music festival, the eMusic Indaba, in Durban. The details of all of these festivals can be found in the Events section of our website.

Unyazi 3 will be a multi-city festival in keeping with NewMusicSA’s role as a national organization. The core of the festival will take place in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, and will be hosted by UKZN’s School of Music, Howard College Campus. Concerts are also proposed for Gauteng Province and an affiliated project at the University of the North West in Potchefstroom, North West Province, will take place immediately after the main festival.

Unyazi 3 is curated by Jürgen Bräuninger of UKZN. Hans Tammen – Endangered Guitar and Die Schrauber (Mexico, USA, Germany) have been invited to take a lead role in the festival, as have other leading international artists in the field including Lukas Ligeti (Austria/USA), Carl Stone (USA/Japan), the Hadron Ensemble (Switzerland) and Darragh Morgan (UK). South African artists who will participate in the festival include Dimitri Voudouris, Warrick Sony, into, Cameron Harris (UK/South Africa), Jill Richards, Aragorn, and João Orecchia.

As in the past years, bursaries will be available for young local electronic musicians to attend the festival and benefit from the workshops, concerts and from meeting fellow musicians.

The Unyazi series of festivals also includes a symposium element, comprising presentations/talks, lectures and lecture-demonstrations. The musical creations and talks/workshops will be very educational ear-openers and will broaden the acoustic horizons of local practitioners and students as well as the general audience. Concert audiences and local electroacoustic performers/composers will be exposed to current global developments in electronic music. Local composers will be encouraged to create works for what is essentially an international platform.

Previously disadvantaged composers and electronic musicians of various stylistic and cultural backgrounds will share ideas and establish bonds through their common workshop experiences with relation to electronic composition and performance. The skills honed at the workshops, together with the increased experience of a broader musical repertoire, will help the participants to realize their full potential and enrich the local music communities.


NewMusicSA acknowledges the kind support of:

  • BASA
  • Bundesrepublik Deutschland Auswärtiges Amt
  • Distell Foundation for the performing arts
  • Goethe-Institut
  • Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
  • National Arts Council of South Africa
  • Pro Helvetia Johannesburg
  • SAMRO Endowment for the National Arts
  • SAS Productions

Mission Statement

  • To help bridge the historical divide between South African composers who have grown up in widely different compositional traditions.
  • To promote the exchange of ideas and music between composers nationally and internationally.
  • To encourage the composition, performance and dissemination of contemporary composition, in particular the work of South African composers.
  • To encourage the development of South African composers and the creation of new works.
  • To make information available on all aspects of contemporary composition.
  • To promote public awareness and appreciation of contemporary composition.
  • To develop a critical climate in which all aspects of contemporary music can be discussed.


NewMusicSA’s Growing Composers workshops will take place as part of this year’s Unyazi Electronic Music Festival at UKZN Howard College Campus, Durban. The festival will run from Wednesday 12 September to Saturday the 15th, but workshops, lectures and talks are scheduled only for Thursday 13th and Friday 14th September. We encourage workshop participants to attend the whole festival if possible.

We welcome young/emerging composers from throughout the country and especially those from designated groups (please see information on travel assistance in the application form).

This year the focus will be on electronic composition. No prior experience in this area is necessary to participate in the workshops. However, you need to demonstrate a dedication to composition and some experience of writing music (from undergraduate level upwards). The workshops are free to all successful applicants.

The workshops will be led by internationally renowned musicians including the group Hadron (guitars, drums and electronics) from Switzerland (Marino Pliakas and Michael Wertmueller), Lukas Ligeti who lives and works in many parts of the world in various genres, the multinational group Die Schrauber with Hans Tammen, Joker Niess and Mario de Vega who hail from Germany, the USA and Mexico, as well as Carl Stone an electroacoustic artist working in the USA and Japan. Warrick Sony, the founder and sole member of the Kalahari Surfers will also share his experience.

You can download an application form for the Unyazi 2012 Growing Composers workshops at:

The deadline for submission is 24th August 2012, please send to:

Fiona Tozer, PO Box 1154, Linkhills 3652

Email: fionatozer [at] newmusicsa [dot] org [dot] za

Fax: 031 776 3251

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