A Special Request

Dear Subscribers

I am forwarding information as it came to me from our member Jill Richards, and I have been asked to share this appeal with you all.



"Dear everyone

I would not usually do this, but I am attaching a request from Rosemary Nalden, the director of the Buskaid music teaching charity in Diepkloof, Soweto. (I am chairperson of the Trust.) 

I am forwarding her appeal concerning one of our younger students, whose mother was brutally murdered just a week ago. Financial support is needed both for his grandmother to bring up him and his little brother, and also for the very necessary psychological help both children will need. If you are able to assist at all, it would be most deeply appreciated by all of us at Buskaid. The banking details are in the attachment

Please do email me if you would like to know more (jillyrichards [at] gmail [dot] com), though obviously I can't disclose this child's name. The Buskaid website is www.buskaid.org.za

Many thanks for reading this, and all best wishes,


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